Hi, I'm Radek.

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I’m a Web Developer from the Czech Republic, currently living in Spain.

My story

February 2015I came out of university with a degree which allowed me to hold elaborated discourses with anyone willing to listen at the local pub, but which proved rather difficult to helping me land a job. Working in Data Management in SAP was the first step to a remedy. However, after learning the ins and outs of the job, the tasks became very monotonous and repetitive. During a brief mid-life crisis in my mid-twenties, I discovered coding.

March 2016After a year of intensive code learning in any spare moment I had, I decided to leave SAP. I wanted to be coding full-time and knew that I needed more experience. Fortunately, my father was imprudent enough to entrust me with building a web presence for his small business, Auto Caravan Sport. I found myself applying my learned design and UX principles to a real project. I was writing for-production code and dealing with various browser quirks. Internet Explorer began to haunt my dreams.

September 2016Alensa was a turning point for me. After a little over a year, I progressed from the “did-you-try-to-turn-it-off-and-on” type of knowledge to a full time job as a Front-End Developer. At Alensa, I started connecting the dots about server-client communication, APIs, and was introduced to PHP. I helped shape the UI/UX of a successful e-commerce company. Above all, I was increasingly diving into Javascript both at work and in my personal projects.

July 2017In eBay, I grew and matured considerably as a developer. I joined the european team that was responsible for supporting Marketing operations. Some of the stack we inherited was quite legacy, but there was a lot to learn from that as well. One thing that stuck with me was the attention to web accessibility. During my time in eBay, I learned to to use React and write backend Javascript.

September 2018I am currently working as a Javascript Developer at Kiwi.com. Kiwi is a company with a great engineering culture and I am excited to be working on a product that is used by thousands of unique users every day.


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