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Hi, I'm Radek.

I’m a Web Developer from the Czech Republic, currently part of eBay’s EU WebDev team. In my spare time, I'm learning German and keeping up with the ever changing landscape of the web industry.

My story

February 2015I came out of university with a degree which allowed me to hold elaborated discourses with anyone willing to listen at the local pub, but which proved rather difficult to helping me land a job. Working in Data Management in SAP was the first step to a remedy. However, after learning the ins and outs of the job, the tasks became very monotonous and repetitive. During a brief mid-life crisis in my mid-twenties, I discovered coding.

March 2016After a year of intensive code learning in any spare moment I had, I decided to leave SAP. I wanted to be coding full-time and knew that I needed more experience. Fortunately, my father was imprudent enough to entrust me with building a web presence for his small business, Auto Caravan Sport. I found myself applying my learned design and UX principles to a real project. I was writing for-production code and dealing with various browser quirks. Internet Explorer began to haunt my dreams.

September 2016Alensa was a turning point for me. After a little over a year, I progressed from the “did-you-try-to-turn-it-off-and-on” type of knowledge to a full time job as a Front-End Developer. At Alensa, I started connecting the dots about server-client communication, APIs, and was introduced to PHP. I helped shape the UI/UX of a successful e-commerce company. Above all, I was increasingly diving into Javascript both at work and in my personal projects.

July 2017I am currently part of eBay’s EU WebDev team. Since I started at eBay, I have grown and matured considerably as a developer. I enjoy learning from my colleagues and from the problems we face. Good coding practices, user experience, and accessibility are always our top priority and, in the spirit of “good developers are lazy developers”, we have been working on tools to simplify and automatize our tasks. In the meantime, I am currently catching up with the latest JS frameworks.



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